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Summer Prince And
Princess 2018-19

On 20/4/18 Friday St. Montfort School  Kindergarten happily organized  an exclusive programme “Summer Prince and Princess” for classes Nursery, KG.I and KG.II. It was very vibrant to see such activeness in our little ones. As today was the last day of school for the kindergarten children. So they enjoyed a lot. We had a great day through this programme. We observed the amount of confidence delivered by the children was commendable, as it was seen, children were dressed up in their best outfits and exhibit their extremely coordinated oratory skills. Children were given the theme as “Summer Season”. Many of the little ones were dressed as their favorite fruits to show their love for summer season.
They primarily began by introducing themselves and then spoke about the likes and dislikes about the summer season. Hence the day was explicit and joyful as the children also had refreshing yet cool beverage in the end.
The winners were selected on the basis of their attire, confidence and presentation. Also, they were crowned by our Head Mistress Sister Kripa .
This day was actually to make them feel joyous. Children were very elated to receive the crown and the slash. They felt proud and happy at the same. The last day was made the most memorable one for the Kindergarten children. All thanks to our Principal Rev. Bro.Alex.

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