St.Montfort School Bhopal
Affiliated to CBSE Delhi,No.1030149
St.Montfort School Bhopal
Patel Nagar,P.B.No.16, Piplani P.O. Bhopal
Welcome to St.Montfort School Bhopal
We are not a commercial organization. We are missionaries, dedicated to the cause of education of the youth, trying to bring the light of Knowledge into the lives of the younger generation, mostly to those who are fighting for survival. 
Mission Statement
Montfortian education always strives to rise up to greater heights of achievement and excellence, built on sound and solid foundations of love and happiness that arise as a result of man's search for truth, knowledge and beauty for the creation of a better Nation and a better World.
Principal's Message

Our web site is indeed a small effort to disseminate information on the whereabouts of an institution backed by the international experiences in educational administration and supportive sharing of intellectual acquisitions. It would refer to the evolution of a unique Montfortian experience almost of three centuries or so, of assuring an excellent atmosphere and of an in depth realization of democratic and child-centered approach to education. It is all inclusive and assuredly futuristic. The said genre of education has the unique impetus for individual care, being conspicuously enveloping persons, while being vibrantly collective in its import and purpose.

Scope & Reach
11 Acres Area
3500 Students
230 Teachers
50+ Activities
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